Friday, March 18, 2011

Enjoy the ride!

 I've been thinking about life and the way we go through it.  You know, the way our attitude affects things.  Sometimes we're stuck in a car and we're tired and hungry and just bored, metaphorically speaking of course.  So in this car called life we have a few choices.  We can scream and cry and complain when the driver won't stop the car.  Hi #4, you have a set of lungs.

Hmm... the screaming didn't help now, did it?  So what are our options?  I guess you can just get through it, trying to stay as unaffected as possible.  You know just doing the basics, skimming through life.  I've actually been there before, sometimes it's all you can do just to survive.  I'll probably be there again but it's not my favorite way to live.  Hi #1, sorry about the screaming.  He'll go to sleep soon.  I hope.

Next option, you take advantage of the situation.  The car isn't stopping anytime soon (5 states, 9 days, 3000 miles), you can't get out of your seat and you get carsick if you try to read a book so just relax.  Hi #3, I like your blanket.  

Another option, just have fun.  Life is full of things out of your control, things that you just can't change so make the most of it.  Enjoy yourself and laugh.  Or smile your cheesy smile, hi #2.

Have a good time in this car ride called life!

Love you guys!


ps- I ain't no philosopher, I just wanted to show you a picture of the screamer.

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