Monday, August 22, 2011

School, Routines and My Abs

School starts next Monday.  Picture me throwing a fit and saying "I don't wanna!"  Got it?  Good.  I miss my babies when they're gone.  This summer I had been mulling over the idea of homeschool but a few weeks ago my oldest said "Momma, I can't wait for school to start.  I miss being with my friends and learning new things."  Okay, well then.  If we were to homeschool it would be for me because I miss my girl not because the school is inferior or because she's not thriving.  Our neighborhood school works for us so we'll stay there.  In the meantime I'll just make the most of the time we do have.

We're going to work on the morning routine this week so that (cross your fingers) we can make getting to school a bit easier and hopefully more productive.  You know those people that have their kids do their chores before school?  I wanna be one of those.

I also want to have rock hard abs but I digress.

Happy Monday!



  1. Rock hard abs are physically impossible. It's a proven fact! Have fun getting ready for school! Kids grow up quick don't they?

  2. Sign me up for rock hard and too! And I tried to email you deets but couldn't find your address:( anyway, I'm gonna be in UT from tues-Fri and was thinking of a Wednesday meet up with people. :)

  3. Tee hee, I want rock hard abs too.

    You're one of the first people I've heard that has said they will miss their kids at school instead of saying "yippee!" and shipping them off. I suspect I'll be more like you and am already sad about sending Tyler off to preschool NEXT fall. :) I guess that's part of the SAHM gig huh?


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