Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Week 5, how time flies when you're not doing anything productive!

I try to take my pictures on Sunday mornings for a couple of reasons: one, the husband is around to provide photo guidance and two, because I usually look pretty decent. 

Another bonus is that you get to see the lovely ensembles my boys put together.

That's my oldest boy.  He is wearing, get this, 2 shirts, a sweater vest, 2 pairs of pants and suspenders.  Pretty awesome is what I think.  That's in direct contrast to my other boy and his stellar style.

Let's move on and get to the real meat of this post, are you ready for the week's total... I, get ready for it, gained!  Yep, one whole pound.  In case you were wondering the opposite is supposed to happen.  So I'm trying not to freak out and eat the contents of my fridge but I've gotta say that I'm getting a little perturbed. 

I've been talking to some successful losers (oxymoron anyone?) and the one thing they all have in common is portion size.  I'm eating healthy but I'm obviously eating too much so I'm going to watch that this week.  I'm also chewing more gum and drinking more water.  Again, any suggestions are welcome.

One last picture, this is what the husband gets to come home to late at night.

Do you like my circa 1999 pants?  Go SHS!
Lucky, lucky guy.



  1. hey cutie- you can follow blogs by subscribing to reader or through blogger. you can add the blog to your reading list. good luck with the giveaway!

  2. Haha @ successful losers. Well, I think you're looking great! That's always a bummer when the scale goes up though. Sometimes it's just water weight, you never know.

    Also, I am totes impressed by your boy's outfit! He's a layering master! I need to take some fashion tips from him!

  3. Your son was wearing two pairs of pants? That must have been your weight gain. You're supposed to be almost nude when you weight yourself. Not wearing two pairs of pants like your son. Try that next weigh in. :)

  4. Your hair looks fantastic in the pictures of you and Son #1!! Your hair pretty much always looks fantastic though!!

  5. Are you working out? Maybe you are losing inches but gaining muscle aka pounds? Maybe it's PMS? Haha! You watch, all of the sudden in the next couple weeks you will drop like 4 pounds in one week. It seems to come in waves like that with me. I love Crystal Light. It has flavor, but no calories and I can drink it all day and get lots of water that way. But then again I am in love with Slim Fast too and most people can't stand that stuff. So I may be weird. :) Well there really is no maybe there. I am weird. But you know what I mean. :)

  6. I try to avoid giving advice, but since you asked...
    Are you keeping a food log? That's the only thing that works for me. I really, really like caloriecount.about.com, and I've tried several. You'll need a food scale.
    Also, I have recently discovered that I feel great and eat better if I start the day low-carb with a berry/tofu/milk smoothie and an egg. I try to focus on veggies, protein and healthy fats until dinner-time, when I pull out the whole grains and potatoes. If my carb-meter on caloriecount is still green by the end of the day, I consider myself a success.


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