Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It happened one night... to someone else.

A funny thing happened once to a friend of mine.  See this friend was hugely pregnant with one of her children who wasn't her first.  This friend also liked to stay hydrated.  Oh and this friend didn't like to admit when she was wrong. 

So one night this friend was out with her husband, they had been doing their date night thing while she had been hydrating and he had been offering to stop and let her find a bathroom.  She insisted she would be fine until they got home but first she needed to stop at the post office and mail one little package.  It was late at night, no one was there, so she was just going to run in and use the self- service thing, throw it in the drop box and they would be on their way.  Her husband didn't even have to come in, he could just wait in the car. 

This friend of mine went in and started to go through the nine zillion self- service steps and suddenly this baby that wasn't her first turned, right onto her weaker than before bladder.  By the way this baby was active and liked to practice underwater ballet or something in the womb.  Because this friend was so hydrated her bladder made an excellent launch pad.  She did an adult version of the potty dance that would impress any three year old and did everything that she could to control the body's natural reaction but it just wasn't meant to be. 

So in the middle of the post office she created a puddle.  This friend was in shock, she was a grown woman and so far had never had one of her older children urinate in a public place, this was not supposed to happen.

Now being the mature and self-confident person that she is, she said a four letter word and ran out to the car.  She left her purse, her package and her dignity behind.  After her husband finally understood through her hysteria what had happened, he went inside finished mailing the package, grabbed her purse, looked at the puddle and came back to the car.  He said "the janitor will probably just think someone spilled some water, let's get out of here!"

She's never been back to that post office since that awful night.


  1. OH.MY.GOSH!!!
    This post just made my day!!!!
    Your poor friend!!

  2. I swear I thought you were talking about me during this entire post... oh the places I have marked during my pregnancies.

  3. You can tell your friend that once, I was 8 months pregnant and had just eaten a huge Mexican dinner. We were on the way back to Vegas from St George and my stomach started talking... but we were right about to hit the gorge so there was not a bathroom in sight and even if we had turned around it would have taken too long to get back to where there was a bathroom. So I made Jed pull over on this little side road that looked deserted. I went about my business, when all of the sudden this huge 18 wheeler truck came up the other direction on a little road I didn't even see there. I about died of embarrassment. And the truck drive about died from seeing the backside of a very pregnant lady. Or so I assume.


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