Wednesday, March 27, 2013


1.  We have a refrigerator in our living room.
Would you like some yogurt?  You could sit on the couch, grab your poison of choice and eat it.  All while expending zero to no energy.  Of course we don't have a couch right now but we do have a shop vac and assorted power tools.

2.  Mushrooming.  It's what happens when you start a project and figure it will take minimal energy.  Then you discover that ripping up tile is a job that should be reserved for chain gangs.  You also find that you need a new sub- floor.  Sure why not, let's throw some more cash at this project.

3.  There's light at the end of the tunnel.
See, we have a fancy new sub-floor and a quarter of the pretty stuff installed.  The rest of it is on a truck somewhere in the Midwest.  We should see it sometime next week.  Probably.  Until then I have a refrigerator in my living room and no stove.  Don't feel bad for me because I am getting fancy new floors.

4.  The belly is 20 weeks.  That mean it's the perfect size for a wounded child.
Poor baby.  He's obviously in distress and all his caregiver can do is make fish lips.

5.  Tomorrow is the day. Boy or girl.  The ultrasound tech better be on his/ her game because the Miles are a divided family.  I've always known before what each kid would be.  One of my weird gifts.  I'm batting 4 for 4.  This time around I don't have any definite feelings.  I'm leaning towards a girl but it's not a certain feeling like all the others.  So... we'll see.  Cast your vote.

5.2  This is what I find on my papers, other people's papers, the car, my wall (one time, I freaked)...
Somebody call MENSA, my youngest boy is a genius.

Over and out.

PS- Don't judge me because I'm doing middle school math.  I'm a late bloomer

PPS- Thanks for tagging me Lisa, I sorta followed the rules...


  1. I'm betting girl, too. Ken would know. He's 6 for 6. I'll have him look at your belly when he gets home.

    No, I don't think that last sentence is socially awkward at all.

  2. You could totally sell yogurt! New calling? Maybe not. Totally digging the floors...and the belly...and even the fish lips. Happy day when the project is finished. And take it from one diyer to another...I just got the lecture this very morning about how when the old stuff comes out a new sub-floor is a must before you put the new stuff in! Puhlease!!! Watch this mama have new carpet laid right over the top of that ol' sub-floor (when he's not home).

  3. Love this! And no worries about the refrigerator.... when we re-modeled Camille, Chey, and I slept in the living room and the piano also made a make-shift kitchen table/counter. Good times!

  4. Love your new floors and I am SO jealous! You and your belly are too cute. :)

  5. Your blog is always the highlight of my week. And so is the thought of a refrigerator in the living room. I may have mine moved so I don't ever have to leave the couch. (Have you noticed this pregnancy has made me lazy?)

  6. Oh the floor is lookin GOOD!!! And you look fantastic. No way this is your 5th child...jealous...

  7. Ah! I can't wait to find out what you're having! The anticipation!


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