Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

Maggie will be month old tomorrow.  

I still don't sleep.

The house is umm, frightening.

The kids are getting sick of cereal.  Of cold cereal can you imagine?  I would have killed to have cold cereal everyday but I digress.

We found out that Maggie has acid reflux.  That's why she's been spitting up through her nose.  Weird huh?  She doesn't have any of the other symptoms like weight loss or screaming or projectile vomiting.  Just spit up through her nose.

I realize that you have responsibilities, a life, a husband, animals, etc to take care of but really I could use your help.  Plus I'm out of granola bars.  I really need some more.

I have proof of just how competent you are, here you are running payroll for hundreds of people all while comforting my crying baby and telling me that millions of women have had children and they survived so odds are good that I will too.

So like I was saying, come back Mom.  I miss you.


Your Favorite Daughter


  1. I miss your mom too, on your behalf. Survival season is awful. So, so awful. Praying for you and your beautiful family.

  2. Awwww...Mom's are theee best! I hope she gets your letter and responds in the affirmative quickly! ;)

  3. Kristen, you are awesome and you are going to survive. You are doing a great job with your sweet family. I can send you the recipe for the granola if you want. Love you lots.

    1. Please send it, I need another hit of those bars, soooo good.

      Oh and thanks for the nice words Mom but I'd rather have you hear in person!


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