Monday, September 16, 2013

Surviving Sunday

We had a special church meeting today.  Three hours long.  Normally you can find us Mormons in church every Sunday for three hours, that's not the out of the ordinary part.  Usually that looooong stretch of time is divided into 3 different parts.  That means moving around and changes of scenery and different teachers who usually aren't your parents.  You know, things to make life better.

Can you imagine her saying "no more church please, you're killing me!"  Or maybe I'm projecting...
Today it was three hours.  In the same room.  With the same boring parents and the same boring (to the short people) broadcast.

But the husband and I aren't rookies so we had a plan.

Sort of.

It involved lots of paper, pencils, blank address labels and some bribery in the form of food.  We also took a walk around the building around the first hour and made several trips to the drinking fountain.  Oh and don't forget the "pick your battles" talk the grownups memorized.  It goes something like this.

Yes Grant is sitting in the windowsill.  That's okay, it's not like there's a line for it.  Oh and look at Anna, she's helping Nathan fill in the address labels and then sticking them on his shirt.  At least they're not putting them on the walls.  Jennie has had about a pound of cranberries and still wants more.  They're supposed to be good for your bladder right?

I'm pretty sure that all parents who make it through long meetings with their offspring are getting a fast pass to heaven.

We deserve it.


  1. Bless your heart! 3 HOURS?!?! We just attended mass at a new church this weekend that's closer to home. We are considering changing parishes for the simple fact that one starts at 8 and is 30 minutes from home and the other starts at 10 and is 10 minutes from home and once we get moved, it will be more like 45 minutes and mere it's looking pretty sweet. I have to admit the only thing holding us back is that our current home church is the one my husband has attended his entire life. So, I would say the tie breaker would be mass length but since Catholic mass is an hour max wherever you go...I think we have a clear winner. ;) You are smart to have a plan. Smart, smart, smarty pants for sure!

  2. You were smart and sat in one of the extra rooms. We were in the gym where they turned the lights out.... So my kids could not participate in the master plans that I brought, except for the food. I'm completely against electronics in church for my kids but I have to say that they saved us this time! Yay for 3 hour meetings!


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