Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wednesday Afternoon

3:00 double check all bags to be sure there are cleats/ shin guards/ ballet shoes/ etc.
3:15 load Suburban with crying baby (because you've rudely interrupted her nap) and talkative preschooler and nine million sports bags and snacks/ dinner
3:25 re-buckle preschooler because he had to go to the bathroom one more time, hey, better now than while waiting in traffic
3:27 comfort inconsolable baby but know that it's probably a lost cause, poor girl
3:40 drive two blocks to wait for the always late bus but you're being optimistic that it just might be on time today
3:50 no such luck, late again, load three older kids, ask questions about school, deflect any TV requests with "we'll see, maybe later", translation: dream on kid
4:03 late for ballet again, yay us (sarcastic yay), maybe next week
5:15 on time to first soccer practice (sincere yay)
6:30 hand off two kids to the husband, he's off to second soccer practice
6:45 home with three kids, shower for the oldest, bed for the preschooler and a marathon nursing session with the baby
7:30 two kids home, backpack sorting begins, gathering of all the smelly clothes happens, kids shower and go to bed
8:00 pack lunches (normally the kids do it but it's easier to have mom do it tonight), clean kitchen (sort of), hope that listening to an audio book in the car counts as 20 minutes of reading (it should...), listen to baby cry while the best dad in the world does his best to comfort her

The End


  1. So, uhm, this is how lame my life is... Several months ago I realized you were absent from Facebook and thought to myself "What was the name of her blog? She writes from hilarious stuff and I really need a laugh!" Needless to say, I could NOT find it (I was thinking it was howmanymiles)... It didn't even cross my mind to ask anyone else the address! However, I'm glad I read Heather's latest post, and saw that you commented! Glad to read that all is well... And yes, you did make me chuckle several times!
    Seriously, I enjoy reading your blog! Perhaps it's because I read it with the voice I remember you having, and can picture you saying some of the things you write!

  2. Wow you are super mom! My hero! I just read this and I'm ready for bed.


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