Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's my choice

I'm pulling out the soapbox for just a minute.  Pull up a chair and get ready.  Here goes:  life and motherhood and pretty much anything is what you make.  

Focusing on the screaming and the crying and the sheer drudgery of laundry/ dishes/ cooking for ungrateful people/ not sleeping more than 6 hours in a really long time just makes me cranky.  When I'm cranky my kids bug me, the husband pisses me off and the house is just too small and too dirty.  I can't live feeling like that.

I choose to not let the ever expanding mud-hole bother me (can someone explain the fascination with kids and mud).  I choose to find joy in the fact that I have a washing machine and a dryer and a dishwasher and the chance to be home with my kids all day, every day.  I choose to be grateful that I have food that I can put on the table.  I choose to look for what is good rather than pointing out the negative.

And sometimes I choose to take a walk ALL BY MYSELF when life gets to be too much.  Cereal is a perfectly balanced dinner and sometimes I've even been guilty of putting the kids to bed an hour or two before the usual time.

I look a little freaky but ignore me, LOOK AT THAT BABY!!

I'm a grownup so I get to choose for myself.

I choose joy.

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