Monday, March 28, 2011

Somewhere on the road from Silver City to Deming

Here's how the Miles' family entertains themselves when stuck in the car.
On a long trip.  In the summer.  Through the desert.  When the DVD player is having issues.

Kristen: What was your favorite part?
Husband: When he says he blows up his pool.
K: That's nice but I meant the weekend not the Brad Paisley song.
H: I don't have a specific event.
K: What about the food?
H: Fireworks were great. They were pretty snappy.
K: Focus.  Food.
H: Saturday's food was good.
K: Finally. Anything disappointing?
H: Jaliscos was disappointing.
K: You're saying it wrong.
H: That's because I don't care. It wasn't good. It burnt my mouth. Oh and some lady yelled at me at the parade.
K: Ya, that was pretty funny. Good times.
H: Church was not fun.
K: I agree. One o'clock is never a good idea.
K: Thanks for your time. We're done now.

Now it's the oldest's turn

K: Hi. How are you?
1: Hi momma. I'm good.
K: So what was your favorite part?
1: Playing in the playroom.
K: Did you like the parade?
1: Yes.
K: Anything else?
1: I liked getting candy.
K: Always fun.
H: Do you have a favorite cousin?
1: Yep. Madeline.
K: What about Maxi Taxi?
1: Maxi Taxi too!
H: Did you like going to PA?
1: What's PA?
K: Pinos Altos. Where you you went with Aunt Cynthia?
1: (silence)
K: Are you there?
1: Yes.
H: Momma's interviewing you. (silence) Did she answer?
K: No.
H: Did you have fun?
1: We just took pictures.
K: Fun stuff. Thank you for your time. This has been a lovely interview. Over and out.
H: 10 4 Good Buddy.

1: Momma, now I want to interview you.
K: Okay. Ask me questions.
1: What's your favorite color?
K: Hmmm. Today it's blue.?
1: What's your favorite candy?
K: I really like Heath bars. I like how they have chocolate on the outside.
1: NO! Who's your favorite KID?
K: Oh, I don't have a favorite kid.
1: You're supposed to say “all of them”
K: Oh. Good to know.  Next question?
1: What's your favorite animal?
K: Well I know what my least favorite is. Do you want to know?
1: (Indecipherable or is it undecipherable...) Mouth full of food.
K: My least favorite animal is any kind of snake. YUCKY!!
1: We are done.
K: Thanks, that was fun.
1: Now you get to color a picture.
K: No thank you. I don't want to vomit.
1: Oh.

Writing this has made me want to plan another freakishly long road trip.  Maybe time does heal all wounds.  You know, like the way you forget the hell that is childbirth.  Maybe the same principle applys to car trips.


Over and out.



  1. I think time does erase most of the unpleasant moments of road trips. Every time we go on one I always vow that it will be a very long time before we go again. We inevitably hit the road again within 6 months - and usually have another baby or an uncomfortable pregnant momma on board.

    I'm jealous of your trip down to Silver. 1400 miles just to get there seems like too much to me now.

    It was fun to read your interviews! Thanks for sharing. =)

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. It was fun to remember that trip, we had such a good time. At least the parts I remember!

    1400 miles... I'm sorry. That is a long time in the car.


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