Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Warning: do not read if seeing wounds or reading about them isn't your thing.

 ***Really, if wounds gross you out don't read this***

Let me tell you about my Monday.  It started off innocently enough.  Kids got up, dressed themselves, their clothes even matched, sort of.  We had breakfast.  I checked the basement floor, the one that I flooded last week to see if it was any drier.  It wasn't.  No problem.  After dropping #1 off at school we went to our local tool rental and picked up a carpet fan.  Brought it home, got it going and loaded up again to take #4 to his doctor's appointment.  Once we got to the hospital we had to park in outer darkness but hey, it's no problem after all it was a nice sunny morning.  We could use a little exercise anyhow.  This is where the trouble began. 

Do you see that inncocent looking bandaid?  Would you like to know what's underneath?  I'll tell you, in fact let me show you.

Five stiches my friends, that's what's underneath.  Here's how it happened.  My sweet little boy who hasn't quite grown into his feet tried to go up the stairs and didn't make it.  He missed the first step and did a face plant on the second.   He started screaming.  I went to pick him up and said "holy crap, there's blood here!"  I put the baby down and applied pressure just like I was taught in my first aid class.  The baby took off out the doors, thank goodness I had #3 along for the ride and she's pretty good at baby control.  She grabbed him and we made our way over to InstaCare dripping blood the whole way.  FYI head/ face wounds bleed, a lot.  Also if you're going to wound yourself, do it in the lobby of a hospital.  It makes transporting the screaming, crying, bleeding patient pretty simple.  While the nurses were checking out #2, baby #4 climbed onto a chair and fell off.  So now we have 2 screaming boys, lots of staring people, concerned hospital volunteers and a security guard.  Because did you know that if you have an accident on hospital property you have to fill out an accident report?  No, I didn't know that either.  Fortunately #4 was okay, no blood. After getting the bleeder cleaned up and stitched we got our suckers and stickers and headed out to the car to finally go home.

We very slowly walked out the doors to be hit in the face with a cold North wind and snow.  Yep, snow.  Remember we had parked way out, way, way out.  Because it was sunny and semi warm.  Finally we made it home.  Fed the kids, threw the bloody clothes in the laundry and settled in for an afternoon on the couch watching PBS Kids.

I'm happy to report that the basement floor is now dry, #2's face isn't bruising as bad as we expected and it's not snowing.  Oh and that appointment that we were on our way to, it was for #4.  With our family ENT, the verdict is in, the kid needs tubes in his ears.

Hoping for a blood free day,



  1. Good Job for Keeping a level head and training helpers to corral #4. He is hard to contain ;) I guess the First Aid class we took was a good thing. I recommend to anyone to take a refresher. Love You!

  2. Poor kid! Poor Mom! I'm not sure I would have handled that as well. Glad #3 is OK but bummer that #4 needs tubes.

  3. sounds to me like momma deserves a spa day! :)

  4. Oh no!! Poor #2!!! He looks so miserable in the last picture!!
    Hope there was some chocolate while you wer hanging out on the couch!! Chocolate fixes everything!! :0)

  5. Chocolate, spa day, I like the way you guys think. Heck I'd settle for just a nap!


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