Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2 States + (Boy + Girl)(Babies x 4) + Dog - Sleep = 8 Years of Nonsense

2002-  Boy lives in one state, girl lives in another.  Boy calls girl, they talk about nothing and everything.  Several more calls happen.  Boy and girl spend some time together.  Boy and girl fall in love.  Boy proposes to girl in an airport.  Girl says yes.
2003-  Girl moves to same state as boy.  Boy and girl get married one really cold April day.  Boy and girl are very happy.  Girl sees a tiny little puppy and says "pretty please", boy sees puppy eyes and says yes.
2004-  Puppy has a rival for boy and girl's affection when new baby girl comes along.  Girl is pretty certain the people at the hospital are crazy to let her go home with a baby.  Boy goes back to school.
2005-  Boy and girl and new baby girl and not so tiny puppy move to a bigger house and are sure they'll never be able to use all the empty space. 
2006-  Boy and girl get a bit of a surprise when baby #2 is actually #2 and #3.  Girl is now certain the people at the hospital won't let her go home with 2 babies.  They do.
2007-  Boy finishes school.  Girl is very grateful to have a husband home in the evenings.
2008-  Girl discovers her secret desire to run a marathon.  Boy tells her to go for it and is now alone with three small children most Saturday mornings while girl runs.  Girl runs marathon and swears to never participate in that kind of nonsense ever again.  Boy is grateful to have a wife that can again walk up stairs without crying.
2009-  Baby #4 comes along bringing the total to 2 boys and 2 girls.  Those people at the hospital let girl take that baby home despite her serious doubts.
2010-  Girl plans a really long road trip.  Boy has doubts but goes along with yet another one of her crazy ideas.  Girl begins to have doubts but she's made the plans and is stuck.  Boy and girl pack the kids in the car and take off.  Really long road trip ends up being lots of fun.
2011-  Girl decides it's time for her to go back to school and finish what she never really started.  Boy also decides to go back to school and get his MBA.  That big house that seemed so empty is actually bursting at the seams.  Girl often is surprised at how wonderful life is.

Happy anniversary boy!




  1. That was cute. Happy anniversary to you! I didn't know you were going back to school. I'm impressed because my mommy brain is totally fried and I can't imagine trying to do homework now.

  2. This i just so very sweet! i love the creative timeline perspective. Lovely.


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