Thursday, May 19, 2011

Non- Official Miles' Weather Forecast

I live in a desert.  I've always lived in some sort of desert.  Because of that I'm grateful for rain, there's never enough of it and summers are usually hot and dry and the "d" word is tossed around.  You know... drought.  Eek, no good.  Having said all that, I'm sick of this rain.  It's been coming down for 4 days now without a significant break. This following a week of intermittent rain.  That's not good because do you know what happens in the desert when it rains too much?  That's right, the "f" word... flood.  That's bad in case you were wondering.  I'm up on a bit of a hill so I'm not terribly concerned about my home but not everyone lives on a hill.  There are several canals, rivers and streams in this valley that were already full from the spring runoff and most of those have homes right next to them.  It's supposed to clear out Saturday, here's hoping.

Stay safe if you're close to water.


PS- Diana, thanks for the pictures.  You have some skills.

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