Monday, May 16, 2011

No, I'm not bitter. Why do you ask?

I often write from a picture.  Meaning I'll find a picture and then let the words come out.  Today it ain't working.  Blogger is rejecting all my pictures and that's a bad thing because I definitely need inspiration this morning.  Hmm... what to write, what to write.  I could tell you about my weekend, but we didn't do much.  Actually that's not all the way true.  I took a knitting class on Friday.  Here's how it began.  A few weeks ago I was cruising through Barnes and Noble sans children (it was very quiet) and I ran across this book.  Because I've been known to impulse shop I grabbed it, paid for it and went on my way.  Except, there's a problem, just a little one.  I don't know how to knit.  I've never even held knitting needles, well except for that whole knitting needle as hair accessory phase I went through.  So after getting this cute book home and flipping through it and not understanding what the heck was going on I took action.  I found a great yarn shop close to my home and signed up for a beginner class.  Friday night was my first lesson and so far so good.  I still don't know what I'm doing but all that yarn is turning into something.  Would you like to see a picture?  Ya, so would I. 

Saturday we started working in our neighborhood garden.  The Miles family has been assigned a 30' x 10' plot and we're supposed to fill it.  Oh and not let the weeds take over.  That's no good because I grow weeds quite well.  I've also been known to be overambitious in the spring.  I plan and plant more than my family can eat or that we can maintain.  The conundrum is that the growing season tends to last longer than my gardening gumption.  Can you see my problem?  Oh wait, you can't BECAUSE THERE ARE NO PICTURES!  Sorry, focus Kristen.

My niece turned 4 this weekend.  There were lots of kids, noisy kids.  We ate too much cuz that's what we do at parties.  She had a Strawberry Shortcake cake.  It was good if you like birthday cake with too much icing and ice cream on the side.  And I like, yes I like.  She got a new scooter for her birthday.  Her mom and I tried it out.  We raced down the road, I think she won.  She always wins, I don't think I want to play with her anymore.  Imagine a picture of my sad face saying "I never win!  It's not fair!"  In the picture I'm channeling my inner 3 year old.  I look pathetic don't I?

I belong to a church that is all about families.  That means that when you're sitting in Sacrament Meeting with your little bedlamites, you're not the only one.  Your kid isn't the only screamer/ thrower/ crier.  You're in good company and you can exchange those looks of pity and empathy with the other parents.  It's good place.  Sorry, no pictures of that either.  Although who would really want to see a picture of me wrestling with my teething baby while my boy is trying to climb on my lap while my daughters are asking for more paper?  Didn't think so.

Have a good day.  I'm going to take lots of pictures today.  Maybe you'll see some of them tomorrow or maybe not.


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  1. I knitted baby socks very briefly. Of course, no human baby ever wore them because they weren't exactly shaped like feet. I'm sure you'll fare better. As for the garden, we flattened ours and planted grass seed. Seeing as how I can't even grow zucchini (I'm not kidding), I decided it's not worth the guilt. If you eat anything you grow, you will automatically be my hero! (Or is it heroine? Hmmm, that sounds wrong somehow.)


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