Friday, May 6, 2011

One of my many, many issues

I really like lists.  It might be an addiction.  I can deal with anything as long as I have a dang list, dadgummit!  Here's my current "Someday, when I get more time and am more motivated" list.
  • go to Italy, cuz it looks pretty in pictures
  • run another marathon, this time under 4 hours and without feeling like crud the whole time
  • swim in the ocean, any ocean, I'm not picky
  • load the whole family in an RV and road trip for an entire summer
  • dance with my husband, we've taken lessons, we've practiced, it's pathetically sad
  • get LASIK, my contacts are bugging me right now and the thought of being able to see without them is a fond dream
  • learn to look outside myself and serve the people around me 
  • tell a decent joke, or even a bad joke without cracking up before I get to the punchline
  • raise children that become adults I would like to hang out with
  • do a triathlon because it scares me
  • read the Bible cover to cover, not just bits and pieces
  • learn how to properly capitalize a title
  • get a master's degree, of course I should probably finish the bachelor's first
  • take a nap
Doable?  Sure. 

Today?  I might be able to manage a nap during WordGirl but I think that's it for today.  By the way "take a nap" is on every list I make. 

Grocery list:  take a nap. 

Packing list:  take a nap. 

Birthday list:  take a nap. 

I could go on.

Happy Friday!



  1. Ahhh... the ever-elusive nap. I too, dream of that. And Italy. And dancing.


  2. The nap - that's what I got for my birthday AND for mother's day. It was the best gift. I want LASIK too, but right now I might settle for new contacts with the right prescription.


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