Monday, June 6, 2011

Top 8: Things that will make my kids laugh, without fail.

  1. The word "booger".  Just whisper the word and they're in stiches.
  2.  Pretend to be a robot having a malfunction.  All you have to do is say the word "malfunction" over and over while doing things wrong like putting the baby's shoes on his older sister.  It's a crowd pleaser.
  3. Waiting at the bottom of the stairs to jump out and scare them on their way down.  That's funny especially if you can get them to drop whatever is in their hands and/ or scream.
  4. Calling a kid by the wrong name.  I don't actually do that one on purpose I just can't always remember their names.  Yes I know I gave birth to them but that doesn't mean much does it?
  5. Running through the sprinklers, scratch that, anything with water.  
  6. Daddy, AKA the Tickle Monster!
  7. Knock knock jokes, the cheesier the better. 
  8. Playing with each other.  My kids get along decently and seem to spend a lot of time laughing... or maybe it's screaming.  For today's purposes we're going with laughter.
Make somebody laugh today.


PS- Watch for an edited picture tomorrow.  I've been teaching myself and I've gotta say I'm semi- impressed.


  1. Hearing your kids laugh is pretty much my most favorite sound in the entire world!They are so cute!


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