Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I've said it before and I'll say it again, don't be like me.

I had a scary dream Monday night about my girls.  To sum it up it was me, the two of them and a lake, a really full lake.  I think the lake part came from the friend of mine who had been telling me earlier that day how full Bear Lake is.  Here's where I made the mistake, I told the girls I had a dream about them.  Of course they then wanted to know what the dream was about.  In the dream they were sitting on the shore and I told them to come in.  Here's the scary part, they swam away from me and I couldn't get to them.  Every mom's worst fear right?  Danger and I can't get there in time.  Of course I woke up before I found them so that freaked me out even more.  My heart was racing, eek.  I just had to go and tell my girls because remember, I'm not the brightest mom, I told them about this dream and how scared I was.  I then spent the next half hour reassuring them that they were safe and that there was no reason to be afraid.  I also spent the rest of the day answering questions about dreams, lakes, swimming, being afraid, etc.  You think I would learn that a 4 and 6 year old are just not old enough to handle stuff like that.  Sweet girls that they are, they told me over and over again that they would NEVER swim away from me and that they would ALWAYS listen to me.  Ya, I've heard that before.
In other news I've been learning to edit photos.  Thanks to all of you that suggested Picnik.  It's easy, fast and my favorite FREE!  I'm still learning, I think I made the girls look like they'd been hitting my sunless tanner but hey, it's better than this.
Yep, much better.

So just to review, don't be like me.  It ain't worth it!



  1. Sometimes I wish there were a like button blogger. Way to go on your fist attempt at editing! I'm not an expert-I never edit any pictures I post on my blog and they are all taken from my cell phone-so my opinion doesn't mean much. I think it's awesome that you're learning how to do it.

  2. P.S. My "like" comment doesn't apply to the scary dream. Those are the kinds of dreams that I'll worry about for days afterwards. Once I dreamed that one of my kids was run over by a car outside a house that we were planning to buy. When the sale didn't go through, I was grateful on some levels because it meant that the dream wouldn't never come to fruition. (Yeah, I'm paranoid like that).

  3. I love picnik sooooo much! :)


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