Monday, July 18, 2011

Why I love summer vacation

I really, kinda, sorta, 100% like my kids. 
And summer vacation is the bestest (my girls use that word so I'm pretty sure it's legit) because we get to be together all the time.
We've been taking field trips this summer.  At least we're calling them field trips because it makes me feel official and productive rather than saying "let's ignore the laundry for one more day and go find something fun to do".
A few weeks ago we "discovered" the open pit mine, the one that's practically in our backyard, the one that supposedly the astronauts can see from space (that might be an urban legend), we decided to check it out.  Yes, we've lived here for over eight years, your point is?  We had a free pass so it sounded like a winner to me.
They have all sorts of cool things up there like old mining cars, maps, giant rocks and explanations for everything.  But let's be clear, that's not why you go up there.  No, this is why.
It's all about the giant trucks and when I say giant, I mean bigger than your average suburban house giant.  Makes a port- a- potty look like a toy giant.  Giant as in that truck you see leading the way, that's a regular size dump truck, the one behind it, much bigger. 

Such a cool field trip.

Easily entertained,


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  1. As a miner's daughter, I completely approve of this field trip and wish I could go too!! Such fun! I can't wait to take my boys to a working mine for a tour - they LOVE trucks! Thanks for sharing! I've heard that fact about that mine too, I think it might be true - says so at our mining museum up the road, anyway! *grin*


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