Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I've got it all: part dos

Sometimes I get these great ideas about multiple part projects and then I start and well, maybe one part turns out to be enough.  That's what happened with this post here.  I kept thinking about it and mulling over it and I just couldn't come up with more than what I had already said.  So here we are with just one part and maybe a half of a one part series.  Exciting I know but that's the way I roll.

Lately I've been feeling almost overwhelmed with gratitude for this life I have and the wonderful people that are living it with me.  Sure there's never enough money or time or energy to do half of the to-do list but things are still pretty great.  I wonder how much of that is just my expectations, are things good because I expect them to be or because they just are?  I don't know but however it happens I'm pretty happy with this life I've been blessed with.  

In other exciting news, it's my twin's birthday.  They're one hand old.  Cool huh?

Here's what I looked like 5 years ago.

Makes you wanna cry huh?  Me too.

Have a good day peeps!


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  1. Hug those babies for me! They wont be babies much longer. Love you!!


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