Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I've got it all: part une

Didn't know I was bilingual did you?  I took a year of French in high school but I spent all my time drooling over boys and passing notes to best friends, hi Heather and Marisa!  Translation:  I learned nothing useful except how to count to five and a few swear words, helpful right?!

This is my baby and his doggie.  It smells, it's dirty, it's losing it's stuffing and it's a shadow of it's former glory but he loves that thing.  And when I say love I mean can't sleep, eat, play, pretty much do anything without it.  He has other animals but this is the one that he loves.  He's happy with what he has and doesn't need anything more.

As we try to pay off our debts we're sticking to a budget and we're cutting back on pretty much everything but I'm learning that that's okay because even when we cut back we still have a home and food and clothes when we need them and two cars and internet access and running shoes, seriously I could go on all day.  I'm blessed and I'm trying to remember that and be grateful for what I have instead of what I think I'm lacking.

So embrace the dirty doggies in your life!  Being aware of what you have instead of what you don't makes life easier.  At least that's what I think then again I also call myself bilingual so...




  1. Hi Kristen! Great post and thanks for the reminder of French 1.

  2. I know what you mean. We are sacrificing a lot to do things that we feel the Lord has asked us to do. And there are days I feel like a teenager and want to complain about all I could be buying if it weren't for ...

    But the truth is, I still live a very comfortable existence. My kids aren't dying from Malaria or unclean water. I am not sharing a room with the entire family. I have enough to eat. And eating a lot of beans and rice is my choice, not a necessity.

    When we stop feeling entitled and start feeling grateful you start seeing like for what it is.

  3. Love this! This "theme" seems to be coming up for me a lot lately. The whole appreciate what you have and don't worry about all the "stuff".

    Cute doggie! Our big guy has a stuffed otter that is his serious lovie. It is so cute.


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