Friday, December 2, 2011

Should I be concerned? A one act play by Kristen Miles

Handsome and adventurous 5 year old boy with an appetite for construction.
Inquisitive and beautiful 5 year old girl who loves to take care of people.
Overambitious and occasionally distracted mother who should pay more attention to her children.

Early afternoon on a surprisingly warm, okay, not freezing December day somewhere in Utah. 

Boy: Momma, I need a board.

Momma:  In the garage.

Girl:  Momma, where are my Halloween tights?

Momma:  In your drawer.

Boy:  Momma, I need a brick.

Momma:  By the shed.

Boy:  Momma, I need a hammer.

Momma:  On the workbench.

Girl:  Momma, I don't think I need a coat today.

Momma:  Your choice babes.

Girl:  Actually I think I'm cold now.  I'm going to wear a coat.

Momma:  Good call.

Girl:  Momma, we need 7 nails.

Momma:  In the can on the workbench.

Boy:  I need another board.  Oh and a brick too.

Momma:  You know where they are.

Girl:  Momma, I think we need a band aid.  Maybe two would be better.

The End


  1. I love this! My kids do the same thing and one at a time ask for things and I don't realize the whole picture until someone gets hurt or something is broken. I should start making lists.

  2. ohhh the suspense! I must find out what happens next...

  3. Um board, brick, nails and you were ok with that. lol That is funny. FYI totally not judging. My kid would just go find those things himself & I'd be busy doing whatever it is I do all day. :)


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