Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Top 8: things that make me insane, crazy, nuts, pick a word!

She doesn't make me crazy (most of the time) I just like her cute baby face circa 2007!
1.  Hopping on the treadmill only to find that it needs maintenance, then moving to the next one and seeing that it says the same thing.  Three treadmills later...
2.  Finding out that the reason you missed a question on your math test was because you used an "x" instead of a "w". 
3.  Running out of socks.  That laundry fairy is really slacking these days.
4.  Calling IT support to fix a computer program and finding out that the reason it wasn't working was because one of your short offspring had moved it to the recycling bin.  Actually that doesn't make me crazy, embarrassed is more like it.
5.  Turning on the radio and hearing the tail end of your current favorite song.  Sad.
6.  The multiplying paper pile by the microwave.  They're like bunnies.  Bunnies on fertility treatments.
7.  Getting comfortable on the couch with a good book and warm children and hearing the phone ring.  From the other room.  Up the stairs.  And it stops before you manage to extract yourself from the pile.  And it's a lame recorded message.
8.  Trying to brush my daughter's hair while she's dancing and telling me what a great ballerina she will be.  Did I mention that she's moving?

Good times around here.

In other news I have a final on Thursday then I plan to spend some time fixing this site.  I look at other excellent bloggers likeThrifty Decor Chick, Camp Patton and yours, mine & ours and am semi- inspired to change things up around here. 


See ya later!



  1. Wow -- all I can say is that i am SHOCKED that you allow papers in your home to - well - "pile up" (or whatever you call call it) by the microwave in plain view of you CHILDREN!!

  2. thanks for the shout out lady!! good luck with the changes. :) ps: i get my coconut oil at walmart and use it if I'm out of butter or if i just want to switch things up. it's a really good fat and I've read articles that claim it supports skin and over all health. but I'm not really smart or a doctor so .... yeah. ;)

  3. ha! loved your list--

    and thanks for the holler...flattered!!

    I would leave a more exciting comment but this has actually taken me about 9 minutes as it is - one handed typing. stupid needy hungry babies.


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