Monday, January 23, 2012

Dear week 3, you suck. Love, Kristen

When you eat cookies, go on a mini vacation, eat too much food and miss your workout you don't lose as much weight as you were hoping.  Down half a pound.  I know, I know half a pound is great.  It's down, that's what matters.  But still that number...

The husband was giving me photo advice.  Then he decided that words weren't sufficient. 
He's pretty hot.

When I win the pot o' money I've decided that I can't spend it on anything practical.  No bills, groceries or shoes for the kids.  I'm thinking a weekend getaway sans children or maybe some killer jeans or shoes or a day at the spa or maybe I'll go to the bank, cash it out in ones and just hold all that money.  That would be cool.  Last time the pot was around $300 something, that would be a lot of dollar bills.

I'm off to eat some 94% fat free kettle corn and an apple.

Happy Monday!



  1. How do you go on vacation and still lose weight? That is super woman stuff right there. Love the picture! Haha! I hope you win so you can smell money!! If you lived closer we would hang out and stuff. I'm just saying.

  2. That picture is pretty fantastic!!! Haha!!
    And I'm thinking the new jeans and shoe thing sounds like a pretty awesome idea!! You cant go wrong with new shoes!!

  3. I say new jeans and shoes would be perfect! Great job for being down 1/2 pound. Especially after eating cookies. I'd love to have a cookie right now. I'll settle for a 90 calorie granola bar though while telling myself it is a cookie. (Now all I can think about is cookies- thanks)


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