Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Paying homage to the garbage gods.

Cause:  not enough sleep, 4 kids, 6 credit hours, Cub Scouts, laundry...


Note to self:  money goes in your wallet, not the garbage.

Good job me.


  1. Ha ha! I thought you might have been throwing challenge money away after eating the whole bag of popcorn. :)

  2. You are on the same track as my 18 month old? I found one of his shoes in the recycling bin (as in outside) this afternoon. I hope the other one is still in the closet. :)

  3. So now I know whos trash I should be rummaging through when I go to my parents house!!

  4. Haha! Glad you found your cash in the trash! Totally come see us! Email me. We have a cave where we can cookout and roast marshmallows and let the kiddos RUN! It would be great to meet your family!


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