Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's starting again...

SOJO Half, Fall 2011 Check out the Wasatch Mountains, I get to see those everyday.  Lucky me.
Have I ever told you about the marathon I "ran" a few years ago.  Don't take the run part seriously because I'm pretty sure old men in wheelchairs were passing me, with broken wheels.  When I FINALLY crossed the finish line I swore on the heads of all my children that I would never do anything that stupid again. 

Well... maybe I was a little too hasty.  Maybe it wasn't that awful and maybe if I trained better and chose a better race and maybe if I had better music and maybe...

Maybe, someday, probably, I think I'd sorta, kinda like to do another one. 

I think.



  1. umm, I sorta kinda think your CRAZY, but then again hey, more power to you :)

  2. Good luck with that. I mean wow you are an inspiration. :)

  3. Are you training for a marathon? Wow!!! Awesome!

    I did a half-marathon years ago (pre-marriage and kids) and would probably do one again but it will be awhile.

    Good luck with your training. Love your view of the mountains - stunning!


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