Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 6 or a chronicle of my action filled life.

This weekend I:
  • lost my debit card (it's been cancelled so if you find it don't get any ideas)
  • did not go grocery shopping, we're scraping the bottom of the barrel around here but I just can't find my gumption
  • went to an excellent yoga class, if you're in the Salt Lake valley let me know and I'll get you the info, the teacher was AMAZING, no really she was
  • took a Sunday nap, it was beautiful
  • ate multiple Tootsie Roll pops, they're not even that good, I don't know what my problem was/ is
  • did not give my sons or my husband haircuts, the husband is starting to get what he calls Alabama hair, poor guy
  • went for a walk in the rain with my family, it was surprisingly cold
  • lost 1 1/2 pounds, okay so I didn't lose that all over the weekend, it took a whole week but still!
Those are just the highlights, we live an exciting life.  Can you tell? 

Happy Monday!


Oh and this contest, it's interesting.  So far I haven't made it into the top 5 but I'm hoping to be one of the slow and steady losers and eventually come out on top!  That's the plan anyway, so I should probably stop eating Tootsie Rolls...


  1. Ok, so my challenge is the triple chocolate chewy cookies from Safeway. I'm not quite sure how they keep coming home with me in my car and then ending up in the cookie jar. Then of course because they are there I am somehow obligated to eat at least one a day. Good grief. I think I need to shop somewhere else!!

  2. -Ugh on the debit card.
    -I hear ya on the grocery shopping...
    -YAY for a good yoga class!
    -YAY for naps!
    -We ate a whole bag of tootsie rolls this weekend. We're so ashamed.
    -HAHA @ Alabama hair. I usually cut my hubby's hair too but it was so out of control the other week I sent him to Great Clips.
    -Way to brave the rain and cold!
    -WOO HOO on the weight loss! That's great for a week!

  3. Seriously, a good yoga teacher makes all the difference! And I too, just cute Jed's Alabama hair as it was getting embarrassing.

    You seem like you are in general much more cheerful than I am, so I appreciate your example.


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