Thursday, February 16, 2012

Running: my one true love.

Okay, so today's title isn't completely true.  I love other things like my husband and my kids and an empty laundry basket but for the purpose of today's post let's assume that all those other things are well, assumed and let's focus on running.

I started hitting the streets (with my running shoes, not in a hooker sort of way) about 7ish years ago.  I'd been walking most days with a few friends and that helped to take the baby weight off and keep me sane but I wanted something more.  I made the mistake of talking about this to a super runner friend of mine and she told me about a half marathon at the end of summer.  It was still early spring so I figured it was doable.  Never mind that I had never run more than 2, maybe 3 miles and if I did run once a year I figured I was almost an Olympian.

So let's review: didn't run consistently, check.  Not a distance runner, check.  Not in super great shape, check and check.

Long story short, I did the race, thought I was going to die, swore to do something evil to my former friend and I sort of broke my foot in the process.  BUT, BUT, BUT wait, when I finally crossed the finish line I felt so good.  Not physically but emotionally, man I was flying.  I couldn't wait to do another race and soon please.

After rehabbing the foot and learning the importance of good shoes I started running again and this time I followed training plans, I ran with friends and most importantly, I consistently ran.  My running partner and I have a saying "time on the legs".  One of the most important things that any runner can do is just run.  That's what will make you a better runner.  That's what makes you love running.

So here's my advice if you're just getting started, just start.  Be kind to your body.  You're starting something new and it takes time to get comfortable.  Take lots of walking breaks and don't feel like you have to run for hours, leave that crazy stuff to the marathon weirdos!

Most of all, have fun! Remember what it was like to be a kid flying down the hills?  That's your goal, to feel that way again.

Happy running!


PS- go here for an excellent beginner plan.


  1. You make me smile. Your hitting the streets line was genius! Haha! I love power walking. I won't lie. Running kicks my butt. Maybe I should try this plan. If not power walking will still be my one true love.

  2. Your timing is perfect! It's probably inevitable since I've been raised by a couple of crazy runners, but this whole running thing is actually looking kinda fun. I don't think I could ever be a hardcore runner, but a little running might be fun...

  3. Way to make me feel guilty for abandoning running years and years ago... *lol* I keep telling myself I should just start again, and then I don't.. One day =)

  4. I just spent 30 minutes on that website. Maybe I should start running..or start walking and eventually get to running. =)

  5. I was just talking to a friend about this today!! About crazy runners and how they thing it's "fun" to run!! Haha!
    But.... as crazy as runner folk are...... I am bound and determined to run a 5k sometime in the near future!
    And a 5k sounds completely lame compared to your half marathon.....but...... I might die at the 1 mile marker!!

  6. Great post Kristen! I love running but haven't done it consistently in years (having kids is taking a toll on me!). I am promising myself that I will do a 5k in the fall after baby is born to get myself going again. I did a half marathon once (pre-marriage/kids) and it felt so awesome! I have the medal somewhere.


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