Friday, March 23, 2012

c/o Walt Disney Studios

Dear Mickey,

Hi, how are you?  How's Minnie?  Are the two of you married, I don't think that issue has ever been fully resolved.  You and I, we need to talk about something important. 

See, around the Miles' house we've been having a Friday movie night.  The head of our house is in grad school and he has class on Friday nights so it seemed like a good way for me to make it through ONE MORE night alone.

And it is.  In theory.  But here's the problem, reality is that when you have 4 children watching television at the same time you have to find something that they can all agree on.  And the reality is that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is the one they agree on.  Aren't you proud?

But I have to say it's just not working for me.  In fact lately when you call for your friend Toodles I want to bludgeon myself in the head with one of your handy dandy Mouseketools.  I can't handle your questions.  I don't like your meaningless plots.  Mickey, I just can't deal.

So it's over.  Tonight we're going swimming.  Next week we might do something crazy and revolutionary like play board games or hang out in the backyard.

I still like the idea of Disneyland.  Your ears are pretty cool looking although I don't understand why you can't be bothered to put a shirt on.  I'm sure you're a nice mouse and Walt is probably proud of you, so good for you.  I hope you can understand why we're leaving you.  Don't worry, we're planning a super long road trip this summer so I'm sure we'll see you again.



PS-  I think you should have stuck with Steamboat Willie, that guy had potential.


  1. ah. I feel you. And my kids are little little.

    good for you for being proactive and going swimming -- I should take a page from your book -- someday -- when I decide to be less lazy.


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