Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yay or Nay

Vanity Plates? Like if someone who loved to run wanted a license plate that reflected his or her love would that be weird?  Would that be in the same category as those vinyl car families (don't be offended if you have one on the back of your car, people obviously like them)?

Stripes on people who have body fat?  If someone was tired of her boring solid colored clothing could she reasonably wear stripes or would she be mistaken for a hefty prison escapee or maybe a pirate on shore leave?

And those are all my burning questions for the day. 

The end. 


  1. I wear stripes all the time. I love love love them. They make me feel like I actally got dressed for the day even though I am just wearing a t-shirt. Plus they are really popular right now so they are easy to find. I think you would look great in STRIPES!!

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  3. Yay for stripes! I am 90% body fat and can get away with them so pretty much everyone else can too... I have yet to have someone roll their eyes in the way of my possibly stripped and accentuated muffin top the way I tend to roll my eyes at people who have personalized plates or vinyl families on their cars...

  4. I don't care if people roll their eyes at me. I do whatever I want! You should too!


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