Friday, April 20, 2012

The Next Great Ball Player

This has been hijacked by Momma Miles husband. Since she is working on getting edgemicated at College and with finals going on I thought I would help her out a bit. We have in our house a baseball player. 
 I know what your thinking, can you say the next Babe Ruth!

We had a great time at his first practice the other day. We sat and watched all of the five year old's that have never played a game in there life learn how to bat and throw. He did a great job listening to the coach and trying new things. The bonus is we as parents can help him better his skills and have some time to be with just him. The best part of practice though was when the coach's son who is on the team kept yelling every few minutes "Dad I Need To Hydrate", and he would run and get his drink. Kids in this age range are great I sure love them and the funny things they do.

Momma Miles good luck on your finals hopefully this will appease everyone that has missed your posts.

Have a great day everyone make it the best.

Daddy Miles  


  1. this is so sweet! I wish Simon would do this.

    Good luck on your finals!!! Have been missing your posts!!

  2. There's NOTHING better than a guest post by a husband on a favorite blog. Good luck, Kristen!!!


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