Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Social faux pas...

I know it's been a while.  You might think that I have something earth shattering to share.

You would be right.

I have this problem (you might notice I have many problems but for today let's just focus on one).

My shoes make obscene noises.

No really, they do.  I know what you're thinking, "c'mon Kristen, you can tell the truth here, we're all friends".

But really, it's not me, it's these shoes.

Cute right?  Even better they were on clearance but now I'm starting to wonder if maybe they weren't such a good deal.  Every time I wear them I feel like I have to say "excuse me" or just start talking really loudly to cover the sound of my shoes.

Walking in shame,


PS- worth the wait, eh?


  1. Yea! You're back! Does that mean finals are over?
    I've had shoes do that to me, too. It could be because they are new and need some breaking in.

  2. hahahahahhaha

    yes. DEF worth the wait!

  3. Just own it. Seriously. Just rock 'em and don't apologize for rockin'.

  4. This is why I love bloggers: they spill with the REAL news!


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