Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Closed doors are just a suggestion, right?

I was in my room getting dressed and my youngest came barreling through the door.  He doesn't let things like shut doors or "get out! I'm getting dressed!" stop him.

He saw me and ran back out.

Ya, I'd run too, punk.

Not 30 seconds later he came back with the Barbie stethoscope yelling "Doctor, Momma! Doctor!"

If he becomes a plastic surgeon specializing in stomach reconstruction after multiple births we'll all know where he got his inspiration.

You're welcome world.


  1. hhahahaha. he is wise beyond his years. I hate when Julia STARES at me when I'm getting dressed.

  2. "He saw me and ran back out.

    Ya, I'd run too, punk."

    bwaahaha <- hysterical laughter by the way.
    Love the way you write!

  3. I will gladly sign up to be his first patient...


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