Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Soccer Etiquette...

There's this mom that is making me insane.  No, this isn't one of my usual "I have this friend..." stories that are really about umm, my super hero alter ego, this one is actually about someone else.

One of my fellow soccer moms has forgotten that her precious isn't a star athlete.  Maybe she's trying to inspire him but I'm pretty sure no one ever got far with someone screaming "GET IN FRONT OF THE BALL!!" or maybe a running commentary about how he's doing it wrong is more helpful than I thought.  Hmm...

Oh and she just moved here from the Midwest where apparently five year old future pro athletes are put on teams with individual positions rather than pack soccer the way we do it here in the backwoods of Utah.  Pack soccer in case you were wondering is where all the kids gather around the ball and do their best to kick each others totally awesome shin guards all on the pretext of team sports.  See her son used to be a defender or something like that, I don't really know any technical terms, in fact I'm pretty sure my kid is putting his totally awesome "look Momma, you can kick me and it doesn't even hurt!" shinguards on incorrectly.  But what do I know man.

The question of the day is how do I tell this mom to shut her face (in a kind and loving way of course) cuz she's totally ruining my lower leg tanning time?!

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  1. Not sure what to tell you. There were 2 similar Moms when Colin played soccer and I wanted to just say to them "The kids are here to have fun- shut your faces!!!" but I didn't. I don't think there IS a kind and loving way to make a parent understand she/he can't scream/scare/force talent into their kids. (And BTW I'm pretty sure if a soccer player gets too in front of the ball it is off sides- eventually he'll get a penalty for it. Maybe it'll be Karma for her)


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