Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Done and done

I think I've started nesting already.  Yes it's true that I just recently squeaked into the second trimester but if obsessive organizing and home improvement products that have to be done RIGHT NOW are any sign of nesting I'm there man.  After all it's cruel and unusual punishment to bring a child into the world when your basement is out of order and your roof is possibly, maybe, okay definitely leaking.  Cruel.

I already took care of the basement, sort of and the roof has to wait till it's um, above 20 degrees I started with some of the smaller things on the list.  Last night I whipped out my FrogTape (it's awesome, get some, now) and black paint and got to work.

This was the before, if the missing paint and dog food in the vent threw you off.  I know you're wondering if the Miles' family is conducting a highly scientific experiment to see if ants are more attracted to dog food in the kitchen or sucker sticks stuck to the sheets (alliteration alert), the answer is yes.  Results are inconclusive.

After less than 20 minutes with my paint brush, approximately a tablespoon of paint (our kitchen is 4 feet square) and an old towel (to wipe up the drips because I paint like a three year old on cupcakes) this is the masterpiece.

Pretty slick huh?  I was just as impressed this morning while eating my oatmeal.

Crossed that bad boy off my list.

Now I just have to find the time, oh and money to replace my roof, get new carpet and laminate, refinish the cabinets and remodel the bathroom all before August...  totally doable.

Living in a fantasy world,



  1. Isn't it completely crazy how something small like that can feel like a huge accomplishment! Good luck on the rest of your To Do's!!

  2. Look at you go girl!!! Babies are the best motivators. It took McCartney coming for us to finally get our basement set up (we'd had the couches in the garage for months - ridiculous), change lightbulbs that had been out for ages, and so much more! I gotta say, nesting rocks!

    Anyway, good luck with the rest of your to-do's!!!


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