Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My bathroom never gets dirty.

I'm not lying.  It's always clean.  We use it too!  Like a lot 'cause you know, all my kids are potty trained!!!  Sorry, had to throw that in there because we'll be back to diapers soon.  Anyhow, the bathroom.  Let me tell you the secret to serenity and peace in life.

Invest in a case of Clorox wipes.

Here's what we (meaning I) do to keep things clean because as every expectant mother knows you spend a lot of time worshiping at the House of Kohler and if you can't spend your time at a clean throne, why bother?

Every morning after the kids have decorated the sink with that nasty blue Kid's Crest I swoop in with my trusty wipes and get down to business.  Actually, you don't need the wipes yet but you will, I promise.  Grab your hand towel and get a corner wet.  With that wet corner wipe off the mirrors then dry them with a dry corner.  Rocket science I know.  Do the same with your counter and sink (saving the sink for last because hello, toothpaste).  Now you can grab those wipes, starting with the least grody parts of your toilet get to wiping.  Make your way down to the "golden" area ( I have little boys), depending on how good your family's aim is you might need a couple of wipes.  After you've taken care of the outside of the toilet and the floor right around it you'll need your toilet brush to swish out the inside.  I don't use cleanser inside because I do this everyday, just swishing it out takes care of the germy stuff.  Moving on to the bathtub I grab my hand towel, the one that has all the toothpaste folded inside and I wipe out the bathtub.  Finally I use that same towel that's now folded into a washcloth size and dehair the floor.  Throw your now nasty towel in the laundry, hang up a clean one and give yourself major kudos for the day.

I keep a container of wipes and a toilet brush in each bathroom because the thought of carrying a toilet brush through the house makes me tired.

So there you go.  I'm sure the FLYLady would be proud.


PS- it will take longer for you to read this than to actually clean your bathroom, I swear.


  1. I love clean bathrooms. And I actually don't mind cleaning them. I would rather do that than put away laundry. :)

  2. OK, two comments from Mom. As for the 'golden' area, there are two easy solutions; 1) teach them to sit or 2) drain the water out of the bowl, dry completely, paint a bulls-eye in the bottom with model paint. Trust me the second one is the most fun because boys of all ages will strive to 'hit' the bulls-eye and even invite their guy friends in to check it out. Eventually the bulls-eye washes off but all sharpshooters are now completely trained for both distance and accuracy. Have fun..

  3. You've just inspired me to start cleaning our bathrooms every day. It's true, what you are saying: if you clean a little bit every single day, your entire house will never be dirty. Thanks for this post! :0

  4. I love this idea! I'm addicted to clorox wipes myself, and did something similar when we had just 1 bathroom, which in many ways, was so much easier than now! google plus 1'ed, and I'm following you now, so happy to find another fun blog to read:) (don't tell my husband I said that!)


  5. Amen! I started keeping a roll of paper towels and a spray bottle of cleaner actually in the bathroom a few months ago and it's been life-changing (okay, maybe that's a biiiit dramatic.) But it's so true that if you just keep the stuff in there then the bathroom just magically stays cleaner. I'm going to need to get the Clorox wipes though b/c that would be even more of a timesaver! I like your style!

  6. Ick...worst job ever. And I know it would be so much easier to do a quick wipe down every day but I just...can't...muster...the...strength. So I will stick to my once a weekish deep clean with gloves to my elbows. Admire you infinity though!!!

  7. I am taking part in a Blogger Tag Game. Love your posts and would love to know more about you if you wanna participate. :)



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