Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Blessings in (serious) disguise

Sometimes those things that we pray for come in obvious ways like a new job or a healthy baby but then there are others that come sorta through the back door.

Example #1- The Locked Door

This boy.  Bless his heart.  He's pretty self sufficient these days.  For example he can go to the bathroom by himself, wash his hands and then turn off the light and shut the door.  All on his own.  This pregnant mama is grateful.  But for today let me tell you about the blessing in disguise   He did all of the above but added an extra step, he locked the door behind him.  The bathroom door.  Locked.  I was thrilled.  I pulled out my mini screwdriver and went to work.  I also said out loud "Heavenly Father please help".  It wasn't a real prayer, more of a "Are you kidding me?  Again?" kinda plea.  But here's the miracle, the screwdriver slipped right in, found the little latch thingy and the door opened.  I promise it wasn't me.

Case Study B- The Thread Jam
While mired in the depths of yet another Swan Lake costume (long story, I'll tell you later) I could hear three of the kids playing so nicely together with happy voices and kind words.  Except the exact opposite   As I was sewing I thought "What am I supposed to do with these kids?  They're making me crazy."  Then the sewing machine jammed.  So I turned it off and left the room.  I started reading the literary classic The Truck Goes Vroom!! and peace returned.  The screaming stopped.  The fighting ended and I had a happy home again.

Description III- The Note

I opened my thought for the day and these are the words I read  "Sometimes you just have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down."- Ray Bradbury  I immediately thought of the Swan Lake wings and laughed.  We're on version 63 (give or take a few) and it feels like flying without a set of wings.  It's no coincidence that those were the words I read on the morning that felt like the beginning of failure.

God is in all things, even locked doors and thread jams.

I see Him.


  1. This was awesome and what I needed to hear today. Think I need to follow your lead and look for blessings in disguise.

  2. He so is! And sometimes He speaks so quietly, then others it seems He shouts! Thanks for the reminder!

  3. And take the leap and build my wings on the way down. So hard to do, but so true.

  4. Blessings in disguise...I love it! I need to keep my eye out for these too :o)

  5. What a good reminder. I wonder how many times I have stopped arguments by showing them some love???

    You have been tagged!!


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