Monday, April 8, 2013

Love me please!

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Because my self esteem could use a few hits today.

In other news, check this out.

It was like it happened in slow motion.  It just kept falling and there was nothing I could do.  Then the crash.  I knew there was no hot gluing this baby.

Yes, it is just another piece of technology but I love it!  When the husband put an iPad on our list I scoffed at him, saying that it was just a big phone, what was the point?!

Guess who ended up adopting it for her own...

Here's a short rundown:

  • I use it when I teach Sunday School
  • the three year old occupies himself while I do my homework
  • I watch my favorite cooking show 
  • the oldest draws pictures
  • I look up creative, read: free, ways of making my house pretty
  • the husband watches any and every kind of sporting event
  • I pay the bills
  • my older boy smokes everyone at Temple Run
  • I procrastinate laundry
  • my younger girl watches Minnie's Bowtique
  • I JUST LIKE IT!!!!!!
We're mourning it's loss and trying to decide if replacing it qualifies as a valid use of some of our Emergency Fund.  The logical part of me says no, definitely not but the whiner in me, she wants one NOW!!!

Cue the tiny violins please.


All things come to those who go after them. 
Rob Estes


  1. Oh that is so sad!! We are using ours as a potty-training tool and it's working!!

    But we didn't get the ipad, we got an ipad mini (My husband got help from his parents to buy it for Christmas). It isn't as expensive and doesn't have as much space, but it's more affordable and we love it!!

  2. Ouch!! I want one so badly but I am such a klutz. I don't know if I could handle such heart "break"! On the up side...I will follow you anywhere. hehe. But most especially on Bloglovin' and the traitor...Google reader.

  3. Is that what fell out of the car during school drop off on Friday??? I heard a thud as I walked by but wasn't sure what fell........SO sorry! That truthfully is the reason we don't get one- I am pretty sure my kids will destroy it within the first 10 days. (We have precedence set here.....broken Wii, broken DS, broken vacuums etc.)

  4. You can get a new screen for like 50 bucks. That happened to my sisters. It was really no big deal to get it fixed. Just call a computer repair place. :)

  5. If you decide to replace it may I recommend either an otterbox or survivor case? They make them near indestructible.

  6. Done, following you on BlogLovin. I'm a super bad commenter, but I read on that every day, why did Google reader have to go away? That's what I'm sad about (other than your ipad:)



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