Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Top 8: What I Love

These gorgeous planks of imitation wood.  I love the look of dark wood, it just looks incredible but...  Last year I stained our deck stairs a dark brown, almost black aaaannnnddd they've looked bad ever since.  Four kids, a dog, a busy housekeeper, it just wasn't a good idea.  So we went light and I LOVE them.  LOVE!

Baby checkup yesterday.  She's healthy and growing.  Along with my arse... but you know, what do you do?  Oh quit eating Peanut M&Ms... right.

The man I married, he's a winner.  Yesterday I had a serious freak out   Like ugly demons took over.  He just rolled with it and when I finally got over myself he didn't even play the injured party card (even though he totally deserved some serious payback).  He's a keeper.

Somehow I hit the offspring jackpot.  My kids are funny (ish), reasonably well behaved and usually thoughtful and kind.  I kinda think they're the greatest people ever to grace this planet.

I read this (scroll down to number 5, I'll wait) on Cari's blog.  I've been laughing ever since.

I really do try to take care of this miraculous baby machine of mine so most mornings I hang out with my friend Sadie Lincoln over at Barre 3.  It's a good time, try it.

I'm a Mormon, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints if you're being particular and today I'm a stickler because my love for the Savior, well it makes everything that I do not only possible but also meaningful.  I'm blessed to belong to a church that teaches that this life isn't the end of everything, my family that I love so much is mine forever!  That's a pretty great thing to help you make it through the day.

Last of all this boy kills me.  He's still trying to overcome his disappointment that Baby Girl isn't Baby Boy.  I was toweling him off after a shower and this is the conversation we had.
Him:  Why can't our baby be a boy?
Me:  Because Heavenly Father decided we needed a girl.
Him:  (thinking) Well He should have sent a boy too.
Me:  You mean twins?
Him:  Yes, a girl AND a boy.
Me:  Well... He didn't because He loves your momma.
Him:  Oh.  Maybe next time.

The End.


If you're strong enough, there are no precedents.
F. Scott Fitzgerald


  1. Argh...the only thing cuter than those floors is that little baby face...and maybe the pic of the four little hineys all in a row! Adorable, I said! Now, about this twin thing. Sorry, but I totally agree with the little man! It would be so awesome! As long as it was you and not me.

  2. "Me: Well... He didn't because He loves your momma." - HAAAAAHAAA!! Dying over here :) That is so awesome!!

    And you eat away my dear. When the baby is in your arms and nursing happily, the weight will melt off. Not because you aren't eating m&m's, but because you finally have the energy and desire to eat well and workout. All in due time!!

    Our husbands - saints I tell you!! I am always so encouraged when I hear/read about men who support their wives so wholeheartedly. I know I scored the most amazing man ever. I hope all women experience the same!!


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