Monday, June 3, 2013

My Better Half

The guy I live with, he's pretty great.  This morning I was rather snappy with him because I was tired (7 months pregnant means you're always tired).  Rather than snapping back he just gave me a hug and told me it was okay.  In honor of him (because he's such a keeper) here are 8 things I love about the guy.

  1. For the last many moons he's been working loooooong hours AND going to school.  Without complaint.  
  2. When I made shrimp spaghetti (an experiment that failed, really failed) he didn't retch in disgust.  In fact he choked it down and didn't say anything negative until I'd given him the go ahead.
  3. Even though he's exhausted from those long days our lawn is still beautifully manicured.
  4. Every crazy idea I've had, he's gone along with... road trips, furniture shuffling, five kids... he's game for the above and more.
  5. He honors the covenants he's made with me and with God.  The husband's integrity is beyond measure, I don't ever worry because when he tells me something it's true.
  6. The man is funny.  He makes me laugh. 
  7. He drives the world's saddest car.  There was a recent, umm, run in with well, another car.  When he puttered home he pulled out the saw and did some surgery and drove it to work the next day and the next and...
  8. He loves me.  Really truly loves me.  Even when I'm at my most unlovable he still thinks I'm worth caring for and treasuring.
It's not our anniversary.  It's not his birthday.  It's just an ordinary Monday.  I just love the guy.  

Sappily yours,


PS- don't ever put shrimp in your spaghetti.  You will vomit or at least want to, I promise.


  1. Awww. Seven months along and still loving the hubs? You are superwife! :) I think by seven months I was so involved in blaming the hubs for everything that was wrong with my body he basically avoided saying anything at all out of fear of retaliation! So sweet!

  2. So sweet! I love reading posts like this!
    And I can't believe you're already 7 months along! Didn't you just announce it yesterday? ;)


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