Friday, June 14, 2013

Field Trips: splash pad

Field trips.  They're not just for elementary kids on stinky buses with sticky brown seats.

They're also for the Miles' fam.

To kick off the 2013 summer we went big.  Really big.

Or maybe not.  But if you're one of my kids then two hours at the splash pad are kind of a big deal.  Especially if any of you remember how much I hate parks.

This quality photography is brought to you courtesy of my chair.

Those fuzzy blobs are my Nathan and Grant.  Playing on the playground in just swimsuits was the highlight of their day.
You really can't tell from the picture but the wind.  Oh. My. Word.  The wind.  The water was blowing horizontal.  Trees were losing ground.  Eating lunch was an exercise in hilarity.  Watching your youngest chase after his chips is a good way to lighten up.

So that was the first field trip of the year.  Pretty low key but that's how we like things.  In the past we've visited the Air Force Museum, the town of Vernal, every park in driving distance and most of the museums in the Salt Lake valley.

Have fun this summer!

PS- it's Nathan's birthday this Sunday.  Four years.  I'm not sure how this happened.

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