Wednesday, July 17, 2013

5% Rice

You guys all know about the rice trick, right?  The one where if you drop your phone in a crock pot full of water (because it was "soaking", not because you were too tired to wash it the night before) you put said phone in a bag of rice and it sucks all the moisture out thereby rescuing you from a ruined phone? That's the rice trick I'm talking about.

The rice works but I would also recommend a high percentage of Divine intervention.  See when the above mentioned tragedy occurs it helps if you were grabbing the precious phone to call your better half so that you could read scriptures as a family.  You're blessed for attempting to do good things.  At least that's the creed I live by.

After this tragic accident Anna so lovingly reminded me "pioneers didn't have phones..."

Not a recent pic but oddly appropriate, pioneers and all.

Thank you child of mine.  Pioneers also didn't have surgeries to schedule, people to call and friends to annoy with whiny texts. Geez.

Let's summarize:

  • don't leave water in your sink
  • don't put your phone on the ledge above the dangerous sink
  • do good things with your phone
  • have rice on hand

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  1. First and foremost, can I just say this entire tragedy could have been avoided if you had only used crock pot liners?!?! Then the trusty old crock pot would not have been sitting in water! It would have been wiped clean with a damp rag and put away immediately. Get them. They are a must! Next, I will say I am so sorry and I pray it dries out completely and quickly! Nothing is worse than losing your phone/contacts/life. Good luck, pioneer woman!


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