Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Unknown Territory

I started sewing when I was five.  

True story.  I made a skirt, umm without a pattern.  In fact with just scraps from Mom's stash.  I used the sewing machine and everything.  

No.  It did NOT look good.  It was obviously homemade by a five year old without a pattern and probably without parental involvement (my mom was super good at the whole independence thing).    Something else you should know that will give you a glimpse into the amazing character of my mom, she let me wear my creation out of the house.  In public.  She's awesome.

Thankfully my skills have improved since then and when I wear things that I've made people don't snicker as I walk away... I think.

I ventured into the land of quilts recently.  It seems like it would be an innocent hobby right?  Wrong.  It can get spendy and time consuming and you sorta want to scream and ask yourself WHY?!?!

But lucky for these two girls, I persevered.

Here's Anna's.  She's a huge fan of owls so naturally...

Grandma (also known as Mom) found a fairy fabric a few years ago that reminded her of my girl.  It became the star of Jen's quilt.

If you know Jennie you can see the resemblance.

The completed quilt tops are on their way to Grandma's where she's going to use her fancy quilting machine to finish them off (thanks again Mom).  I promised the boys that they would each get a quilt of their own but after that I think I'm done.  Quilting is a bit tedious for me, all that precision and exactness makes my head hurt.  

I'd rather sew without a pattern.


  1. Those are so pretty! I quilt too, but I find I can only handle it in the winter months when it's dark in the evening and I need something to get me through the long evenings so I don't get too blue. :) you did a great job!

    1. Thanks! I love the finished product but I think I need to take a break before I'm mentally capable of more piecing. Right now I'm on a little girl sewing kick... three weeks and counting!!!

  2. Jeez you're talented!!! I couldn't sew a pillow case to save my life!! My grandma told me once that I was hopeless and I would never learn to sew!!
    Which means I am absolutely jealous of your sweet skills!!!


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