Thursday, October 31, 2013

Scared. For real

Goblins?  Whatever.  Vampires?  Not even.  Zombies? Ha!

You wanna talk scary?  Let's talk about a baby with an ear infection.  Oh is that not enough for you?  Let's add in a kid with strep throat.  Still not there?  What about at the same time?

Ya, I thought so.  That's scary stuff.

I'm sure we're all familiar with the "bubble gum medicine", professionals call it Amoxicillin but whatever.  So here's how you keep your brain straight when you have multiple children on meds.

See those tally marks on the side?  Every mark means a dose has been given.  Now you don't have to try and remember if baby got her two a day and big bro got his evening dose.  It's on the bottle.

Thanks to modern medicine everyone is now healthy, the pink stuff has been finished and we can move on to important things like begging our neighbors for candy.

Happy Halloween!
love the miles

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