Monday, October 28, 2013

What's in a name?

Happy Monday morning, well actually right now it's Sunday night and I'm watching Game 4 of the World Series (go Cards!) but I'm multi tasking and writing while watching but you won't see this till morning and now I'm going to end the longest sentence I've ever written.

You're looking at a brand new blog. Okay, just a new title.  My funny to usually only me sense of humor is still the same. My children will never look in the same direction when the camera is out. So business as usual.

When I started this blog the name eightmanymiles made sense to me and it still does but it felt a little long winded and I felt weird explaining the reasons behind the name. So here we are,  Explanation included.

1. Love, the Miles. We're the Miles family, so you know, we love you.

2. love the miles. I like to run, so love the miles. Because they're awesome man.

3. love the Miles.  We're nice people so you should love us. It makes us happy.

There you go, I've explained the name,  I've used the word "so" approximately a zillion times and now I'm going to go back to watching the ball game.  Did you guys know that I love baseball? Love it! But I love it more when the D-Backs are playing, maybe next year.

love the miles

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