Monday, August 11, 2014

A Few Ideas

My Nathan used to tell people that his dad was 36 and his mom was 13.  The husband and I are actually only 5 years apart so I'll let you figure out which age was right.

Today I turned 23, Daddy hits 37 in a few months.  Again use your powers of deduction.

To celebrate my birthday I'd like to share a few of the presents that I would not turn down.

Exhibit A:

I'm definitely NOT one of those girls that would be offended if the husband walked in the door with a household cleaning tool.  At all.

Suggestion 2:

Having my very own table saw.  There really aren't words.  Except these:  power tools make me happy.  Very happy.

Idea 3:

Don't judge me when I tell you that I've never been to the ocean.  I know.  It's borderline criminal.  I blame my landlocked childhood.

The above have to wait until ASL* but that doesn't mean I didn't get the greatest present of all this year.  My better half hit an out of the park, over the bleachers, into the atmosphere home run.

1.  thoughtful
2.  original
3.  budget conscious
4.  perfect for me


It's a Silva Brothers Construction Company t- shirt.  It's awesome.  If you're a This Old House/ Tom Silva fan you get my excitement.

Tom Silva

One last thing, if Tom showed up to help me with one of my million projects here's what I would do:  first, I would start to cry.  Second, I'd forget how to speak.  Third, I'd try and talk him into a whole house gut job.  Fourth, I would tell every single person that I met for the rest of my life that I had been in the same room as Tom Silva.  I'd get super annoying.

23 or 32 looks like it's full of possibility.  So happy birthday to myself and everyone else who shares my birthday.  Because August is awesome.

*ASL means After Student Loans.  We dream about that day.  I think it'll happen...

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