Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Do you know the answer?

What do all of these pictures have in common?
Is it her seasonally appropriate footwear?
Is it the hair that just keeps going (and could use a brush)?
Is it the way she layers her clothing to achieve maximum effect with maximum laundry?
Is it her dubious choice of accessories?  Watch on your ankle anyone?
All of the above and more are true, but let's go deeper.
Look very closely.  Can you see what I'm talking about?  Heck, you don't have to look close at all.  Could the child wear just a bit more pink?
In fact, I think I'm going to change her name.  "Number 3, I know christen you Pinky."

I kinda like my kid.



  1. Forget diamonds- PINK is a girl's best friend! We've got something similar going on over here, if it is a fave color, why not wear it ALL THE TIME? :)

  2. After my 3rd girl I finally gave up my "tough-guy" routine, and gave in. The bedroom is pink, the clothing is pink, we even have sparkly pink toothbrushes. I think the important thing in these pictures is the content look on her face - that is worth all the pink in the world.


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