Thursday, March 31, 2011

I have this friend

This friend, she's a nice girl.  She's also a runner, hey, what a coincidence so am I!  About this friend, now that it's warming up she likes to go for long runs in the evenings.  She's not very fast but she tries, bless her heart.  However she has this self destructive flaw.  It's a doozy, let me tell you.  Here it is:  she's not known for her nutritional wisdom.  I've tried talking to her, begging, even pleading.  It just doesn't work.  Would you like to see an example of what she considers a good pre run snack?  Here it is.
Yes, my friends.  That is a cookie almost as big as the plate.  I, uh, I mean she eats that before a run and then wonders halfway through why she wants to drop to the sidewalk in the fetal position and wait for some passing ambulance to pick her up.  It's a mystery.  Before you start thinking she just takes one bite and calls it good, let me show you another example.
Poor girl.  When will she learn that a banana would be so much better?

Don't be like me, her, whatever.


PS- yes, I might be in denial, that's okay right?


  1. If a plate-size cookie only takes you through half a run, maybe you should learn from your mistakes and take another with you to eat during the second half. (makes sense to me :)

  2. I have this friend that would eat the cookie on the plate and 2 more then NOT run afterwards. At least your friend is going on a run after eating the cookie. But I like the suggestion from shalona312- have your "friend" take one a long as a snack!

  3. Oh it's all good as long as you have plenty of water to wash it down. And good for you for running that cookie off instead of letting it settle in your thighs. Keep up the good work.


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