Sunday, April 3, 2011

A whole lot of nothing

  • Today is the second day of General Conference, which means we've spent the weekend hanging out on the couch watching the leaders of the Church.  And eating.  And putting food on the baby's nose and watching him flip it into his mouth, it's really cool, it should be on the Today Show or something.  And it's possible we might of taken a nap yesterday during the afternoon session.   
  • It's snowing right now.  Seriously, like a lot.  Didn't you see the picture?
  • I made bread on Thursday.  It was really good.  The six of us polished off a loaf in about 10 minutes.  A little bit of butter and jam makes it really yummy.
  • I'm making clam chowder today.  I use my mother in law's recipe.  She puts carrots in hers.  I'd never had carrots in clam chowder before I became a Miles.  I like them.  They add a certain somethin'.
  • I wish I had a Texas drawl so I could say things like darlin', hun and ya'll and not sound like a dork.
  • I really like my family.  Like a lot.  Especially my husband.  I actually don't just like him, I sorta lust after him.  Too much information for a Sunday morning?  Sorry. 
  • I've lost the cord to my camera so all my pictures are from my phone.  I swear I go through this whole lost cord, found cord thing every six years or so when I get around to cleaning off my camera.  I'm sure it's in a safe place where it won't get lost.
Have a good day people.


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  1. #4 did a good job balancing things on his nose. I think we have a talent brewing :)


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