Friday, April 15, 2011

The Future Workforce in Action

Check out my cleaning crew in action.  They're a little short and slow but they get the job done leaving me more time sit on the couch, eat cookies and other important things like that.  By the way does anyone have a better suggestion for a vacuum?  Mine was making funny noises the other day.  Of course that might have been the My Little Pony I ran over...

I posted this picture the other day and said it was our dog.  I was wrong.  That was our dog's sister, Rose.  This is our dog.

Kate is a patient dog.  My oldest likes to tie knots and the dog is her most willing, um, make that easiest to hold down subject.  She's known around here as The Knot Princess, not to be confused with Not A Princess.  Just so you know.

This is what my babies used to look like.

This is what they look like now.

I don't know why they're pretending my boy is a baby or why he's going along with it so willingly.  I try not to ask questions.  It's better that way.

I wish I could do this all day.

As soon as I finish training my kids to take over the housework/ cooking/ driving/ whatever it is I do all day long, I will become one with the couch.  That will be a beautiful day.

It's good to have kids.


PS- Don't forget to mail your taxes, today is the day.


  1. I wish I could hang out on the couch like #4 that looks nice!!

  2. Looks like we need to schedule a knot-party for 1 and M while we're there. Some days it feels like I spend hours untangling knots to disconnect things that never should have been connected in the first place. Like the full suspension bridge that went from the dollhouse to the stroller to the stepstool to the dresser. This has got to turn into a marketable job skill, right?


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