Thursday, April 7, 2011

This post needs a title

This is our dog, Kate.  She was supposed to be a hunting dog but she makes a better kid toy.  She also likes to eat paint off the walls.  Like dried paint, she chews it off.  It's special.
One of the joys of being a parent is forcing your children to do family bonding activities that involve them wearing things that will humiliate them.  It's good to be the grown-up.
Hi.  I'm sitting on a moose.  Why?  Duh, because it was there.
Ignore the trucks and the road, look at that sky.  So pretty.
Safety first, especially while swimming.
My boy needs a tractor.  Too bad we live in the middle of the city.
He also needs a helicopter.
I went to school with a set of fraternal twins but didn't know it until graduation.  I thought they were either good friends or dating because they always drove in the same car.  I guess the fact that they had the same last name never clicked.  No I wasn't too observant, why do you ask?
This is our most recent family picture.  My baby's not that little anymore.  It might be time to schedule a new one, this time I might try to comb my girls' hair.  We'll see.

Record your life.  It will make you smile.



  1. Wearing things yes also chanting "we are the best!" at the jul 24th childrens parade like the lady in our group.

  2. I've been reading your blog since it's long-ago (last week?) inception. You are very entertaining :). And you have an adorable family and I can feel the love.

  3. You are motivating me to restart my of my friends then gets them made into a yearly book for her family!

  4. Thanks for the good laughs. I'm amused that you didn't know about Nick & Anya. =) I didn't know he had a sister until sophomore year because she was at another school freshman year.


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